GIS 4 Kids” is a program developed by VERTICES under president and founder Dr. Wansoo Im. “GIS 4 Kids” was born out of our love for GIS, and our desire to help broaden the benefits of GIS to all students. We are a group of kids who decided to get together and do something about spreading GIS awareness and benefits. We create GIS applications that will provide increased interactive learning and that will improve geographic and technological literacy. We are committed to making GIS applications available to all kids so that they can take part in the exciting frontier GIS brings to discovering their world!

Students will learn to use different tools and types of technology while gaining knowledge about their lifestyle and surrounding environment.  This multifaceted initiative will reach out to students of various ages on multiple levels. This project takes advantage of the idea that teaching is most effective when done from different perspectives and while using mixed media.

The internet provides a virtual library with easy access to information limited only by the speed of the data link, and the creative searching skills of the student. GIS can play a major role in providing students another avenue for collecting and analyzing data.

A Geographic Information System can save, search, retrieve and analyze geographic data. GIS is currently being used academically and in many professional fields including environmental science and transportation. Everyday GIS use can be seen in the hand-held Global Positioning Systems (GPS) carried by hikers and fishermen and in navigation systems that many cars have today.

GIS4Kids” offers several effective and easy-to-use interactive mapping applications for the classroom with the following benefits for students and teachers:

* Students are researchers – they collect, input, and analyze their own data.
* Students can share their work with peers in other schools.
* Access and interactivity at home, school or a library on any computer connected to the Internet.
* Ready to use without software installation or maintenance worries.


How it Works:

Schools who need to utilize GIS for their curriculum are welcome to use our existing applications. For school districts who need customized GIS applications, we can offer to develop such applications at a significant discount. Alternately, we encourage schools to apply for grant funding, and we at VERTICES will be glad to assist with your grant application.

GIS 4 Kids promote public participation and community service. Volunteerism is encouraged in our effort to help children get better education. Some of the ways people volunteer include: reaching out to local schools, providing technical assistance or training, contributing efforts to GIS4Kids.com for updates and research, looking for grant possibilities, and so on.

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