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Capoeira for Kids!

ShareCapoeira is the official martial arts of Brazil. Capoeira is great for kids! It combines martial arts, gymnastics, music and dance, and it is extremely active, acrobatic, playful and it provides a fun challenging workout. Children of all ages learn Capoeira … Continue reading

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UrbanPromise Creates Successful Community Leaders

ShareUrbanPromise is a Christian-based, non-profit program based in New Jersey. UrbanPromise has a variety of programs to help equip children and teens with the skills necessary for academic achievement, life management, spiritual growth and leadership rooted in the principles of … Continue reading

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Student Map Bicycle Hazards in New Brunswick, NJ

ShareBicycle riding conditions in New Brunswick may soon improve, due to the work of a team of students at Rutgers. The Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy undergraduates have created an online map of bicycle riding hazards … Continue reading

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East Somerville Community Mapping Project

ShareEast Somerville is a community just northwest of Boston, Massachusetts. A group of community activists and interns surveyed the town to create a map that tells a story about their neighborhood. The surveying included walking around photographing the area and … Continue reading

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WhereAbouts Brings Geography to You

ShareWhereAbouts is a partnership of educators that has created resources to encourage school-aged children to learn about geography; the relationships between people and their physical space. They provide innovative products and school assemblies for kindergarten through elementary and middle schools. … Continue reading

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Take Off! and Learn Geography

ShareTake Off! is an entertaining board game that teaches location geography to people of all ages. Take Off is made by the Post Flight Shop and regularly updated to stay relevant. Players race fleets of jets from city to city … Continue reading

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RU BIKING Community Mapping Initiative

ShareBiking is a social good: well-being, recreation, exercise, traffic-alleviation, reduction of emissions, community-building, it does it all! Unfortunately, bike riding in New Brunswick, New Jersey is hectic and often involves aggressive traffic, lack of bike lanes, and poor road conditions. … Continue reading

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GeoKids Geography Initiative: Family of Six Travels to Teach

ShareThe Contolini family, of Colorado, is traveling across the country giving Geography presentations to public and private schools to spark a renewed interest in Geography and in the multiple disciplines that are affected or simply part of Geography itself. This … Continue reading

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Strange Maps

ShareFrank Jacobs is a man who loves maps. He finds most maps and atlases too be predictable. He collects and comments on all kinds of intriguing maps and has been writing the Strange Maps blog since 2006. His map “US States Renamed … Continue reading

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Speak Up For Geography!

ShareSpeak Up For Geography is a campus challenge running a public campaign to send letters to Congress in support of the bipartisan Teaching Geography is Fundamental (TGIF) Act. The Teaching Geography Is Fundamental Act (TGIF) is federal legislation which would … Continue reading

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