GIS Day Success Stories

The following success stories and many more are found at the official GIS Day website.

Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR

“Higher Education Oregon State University celebrated its 10th anniversary of hosting GIS Day events, including a retrospective slideshow, a special thank-you luncheon for the local GIS community, the launch of the new Oregon Spatial Data Library, and a keynote address by Pete Giencke of Google”.
See for videos from the event!

—Dawn Wright, Professor

Cornell Cooperative Extension Steuben County
Hammondsport, NY

“We needed to hold a GIS Day event as fulfillment of a grant. Our first event was so much more than we had hoped. We had speakers from our county planning department and two from Cornell Cooperative Extension. We covered how local agencies utilize GIS technology, how 4-H members use GIS to do mapping projects, and finally how GPS can be used to have fun by finding geocaches. The Galloping Grapes 4-H Club presented a map of historic Glenn H. Curtiss points of interest in Hammondsport, NY,( The evening ended with the cutting of the GIS Day Cake. We will be doing this again in 2010″.

—Cindy Messinger, Program Educator

Univ. of California at Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA

“I held a seminar with fourth and fifth graders at McKinley Elementary School for their Technology Summer School. I used my laptop and had a volunteer running through the “Treasure Hunt” game with the rest of the class helping him. It turned out even better than each one of them individually on their own computers.

It was such a success that I am thinking about doing the same introduction to GIS this fall. The kids were so thankful that they made some thank-you notes for me the following day. One thing that really impressed me was how excited they were when I told them that in the next exercise we needed to help the Fire Department. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had”.
Read their thank-you notes.

—Patricia Carbajales, Geographer, GIS Projects

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