Projects for K-12

The following projects incorporate GIS into the existing curriculum at a school in order to interest kids in a variety of subjects by participating in hands-on projects. Studies have shown that students learn better when they play an active role and physically participate in the lesson. Feel free to explore these projects that have been specially tailored to students in Kindergarten through the 12th grade.

Science Curricula


  • Kidzmap (
    Each map application on this program site offers a Home link in its menu to lesson plans, student worksheets and information about its subject. Energy – See what each county in New Jersey is doing to harness alternative energy sources on the energy map. Solar Power – Schools in New Jersey are harnessing the power of the sun to create electricity. Use the map to find out how the sun is powering schools near you. Stream Camp – Campers at the Upstream, Downstream Summer Camp at the Meadowlands Environmental Center add their own environmental experiences on the map.
  • NJ Inventors (
    Mix history with geography as you learn about famous inventors from New Jersey.
  • Chatham High School, NJ – Water Quality Project (
  • Bernard Township, NJ – GIS Technology in Science: Project Deer Spotter(



Healthy Communities




Art and Recreation




Our Neighborhoods







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