GeoKids Geography Initiative: Family of Six Travels to Teach

The Contolini family, of Colorado, is traveling across the country giving Geography presentations to public and private schools to spark a renewed interest in Geography and in the multiple disciplines that are affected or simply part of Geography itself. This family of six believes Geography is learning about places and the people that live there, their customs, language, ways of lives, needs and dreams, and and much more. They have visited many countries already and have completed two short mission trips in the Dominican Republic. Their daughter, Isabella, is the National Geography Bee Champion of 2010 and 2011. The Contolini family has taken great steps in trying give Geography the attention is deserves, they even altered their presentation to fit better with faith based schools.  Contact the family and get them to visit your school! We need more people in the world who take Geography so seriously!

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Megan Zaccaro, VERTICES intern.

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