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GIS and Fun

Here are a few projects that have been completed. You can incorporate a similar project into your GIS Day Activities. The possibilities for GIS applications are endless.


Map.rst2.edu is a interactive mapping portal developed for the Ramapo College’s Revitalizing Science Teaching through Remote Sensing Technology (RST2) program. The site is a resource for student teachers enrolled in the class “Tools for Visualizing Information”. During this 5 week course, teachers will create a website using Mappler that is useful to each teacher’s current lesson. These websites will then be put to use in the classroom in hopes to create a new and interactive way to teach students information management and a variety of other subjects. Check it out!

Kidzmap.com is a great way for kids of all ages to get hands-on experience using interactive mapping. Each map application on this program site offers a Home link in its menu to lesson plans, student worksheets and information about its subject. Check out the maps such as NJ Inventors, Sol Power, and Stream Camp! Check it out!


Another Resource is the Utah’s GIS for K-12 site. In projects like this, students will learn to use different tools and types of technology while gaining knowledge about safe routes to school, the importance of healthy lifestyles, and the impact of their carbon footprint on the environment. This project takes advantage of the idea that teaching is most effective when done from different perspectives and while using mixed media. Check it out!


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