NASA: Visible Earth

NASA has compiled a great collection of videos and photographs to show off our amazing Earth and universe. The catalog of images emphasizes the beauty of our home planet and will leave anyone in awe. Browse through categories of images in a variety of topics from climate to sun-earth interactions and human dimensions. There are thousands of animations and photographs that will describe the true nature of Geography. Research and science produces these pictures and that includes Geographic Information Systems. Also browse through and learn about NASA collection and sensor use and compare the differences between data collected. The NASA collection is really endless, you can learn about oceans, solar physics, agriculture and more! This website is what really pushed me towards Geography as a discipline in the first place. NASA had worked really hard to tackle great feats and they want nothing more than to share it with the world!

NASA Visible Earth

Source: NASA Visible Earth

Megan Zaccaro, VERTICES intern.

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