RU BIKING Community Mapping Initiative

Biking is a social good: well-being, recreation, exercise, traffic-alleviation, reduction of emissions, community-building, it does it all! Unfortunately, bike riding in New Brunswick, New Jersey is hectic and often involves aggressive traffic, lack of bike lanes, and poor road conditions. Join the New Brunswick community members tomorrow at 1 pm out front of the Rutgers University Student Center on the College Avenue Campus for theĀ RU Biking Community Mapping Event in which they will assess the bikeability of highly traveled routes around Rutgers campus and in downtown New Brunswick. They will survey by means of GIS technology. The investigation will produce a clear and accessible interactive map that shows the distribution of unsafe areas on main bike routes. Ultimately, the goal is to make bikers and drivers more aware of their surroundings and promote safe behaviors while sharing the road. New Brunswick residents are welcome to join this event and work towards the making New Brunswick more bike-friendly by participating in the foot-survey and bikeability assessment mapping event. Help empower the community and make a real difference!

RU Biking Survey Routes for Event

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Megan Zaccaro, VERTICES intern.

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