Student Map Bicycle Hazards in New Brunswick, NJ

Bicycle riding conditions in New Brunswick may soon improve, due to the work of a team of students at Rutgers. The Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy undergraduates have created an online map of bicycle riding hazards throughout New Brunswick. On March 2, the team of students mapped the hazards themselves. Taking to their bikes and armed with their smartphones, they rode around 10 zones in New Brunswick, marking off hazards or things that would complicate riding. The results of the project on an interactive map, along with other data, such as information on New Brunswick’s Master Plan and the group’s goals can be found on The project was started off by an ordinance passed by the city council in February that bans adult cyclists from riding on New Brunswick sidewalks.  The ultimate goal of the project is to get signage installed in the city to make motorists aware of cyclists and traffic rules to create safer driving conditions.

Check out the Video of the Map Creation and Results

Source: New Brunswick Patch

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Megan Zaccaro, VERTICES intern.

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