UrbanPromise Creates Successful Community Leaders

UrbanPromise is a Christian-based, non-profit program based in New Jersey. UrbanPromise has a variety of programs to help equip children and teens with the skills necessary for academic achievement, life management, spiritual growth and leadership rooted in the principles of Christian faith. Programs include UrbanPromise Academy, CamdenForward School, AfterSchool Programs, Summer Camp, StreetLeaders Program, Fine Arts, UrbanTrekkers and the Partner Program. All these programs help students not only build confidence, but graduate, make it to college, and finish their degrees. UrbanPromise is an organization that makes sure their students succeed even after high school graduation. The UrbanPromise Academy is a high school in Camden with a 100% graduation rate. This is amazing compared to the normal 40% graduation rate in Camden, New Jersey. UrbanPromise is changing lives on an global scale with UrbanPromise International and will continue to expand it’s reach around the world.


Source: UrbanPromise

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